Back on the Road

Nice run this morning, Mrs H finally getting her running mojo back, with sights set for a race later in the year. 11km comfortably in the bag, my thoughts of going further dispelled by the prospect of a toasted croissant.

Great to see so many people out and about so early, the 30/30 thang announced by the Crown Prince presumably providing the extra motivation. Most of the large groups were of course Filipinos, who are brilliant at mobilising for social activities.

Also spotted a birthday party, complete with cake at 06:45 hrs. If that was in the UK a call to Child Line would quickly follow, as getting any kids up before 11:00 hrs on a weekend is classified as psychological cruelty.

Brunch later at Lucky Voice, (or as it should be known, ‘Unlucky Ears’) as a recce for Perfect Wife’s birthday bash. Joy.



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