The running thing. An update.

The running thing has been progressing reasonably well, all things considered. The “all things considered” is of course that I’m too old, too short and too knackered to be on the road in the first place. The main issue this year has been injuries, nothing major, but plenty of disruption and I guess a strong indication that I’m soon destined for the rigours of crown green bowling.

The injury problems started back in summer, with ligament damage to an ankle sustained during my annual game of suicide squash with Kinski. Not a big deal I thought at the time, but in the end it’s taken months to get it back to something resembling normal. The dodgy ankle was followed by a small calf tear, then a strained hamstring and finally ‘runners knee’. I could mention the massive bruise on the thigh after a collision with a concrete plant pot, but that was so stupid and self inflicted I can’t bring myself to include it. I’m a total wreck.

However, help has been at hand in the form of ‘Thor’, my physio from the excellent Ortho Sports Clinic on Jumeirah Beach road. Thor has pushed, pulled, stuck needles and strapped up all the bits that have been on the point of falling off, and somehow kept me on the road. A gentleman, a legend and a viking warrior practicing physiotherapy in Dubai. Who’d have thought?

Big, blond and carrying a device to hurt people.  Yup, that's my physio.

Big, blond and carrying a device to hurt people. Yup, that’s my physio.

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