Running thing update

Here’s the list of the Km I’ve covered so far and the times where I’ve been injured. The big block of red in August & September is where I took some time off in an attempt to recuperate before the programme officially commenced in October. Once it was clear that wasn’t working, I learned how to strap myself up and hobbled on from there!


Week 6 and 10 was where I had half marathons booked, one in Abu Dhabi, the other on Dubai creek. As you can see, being injured for 4 days prior to Abu Dhabi was hardly ideal preparation, but damn it, I’d paid 150 dhs, so I was going to run that race no matter what. I did however decide that I wouldn’t monitor my time during the race as my goal of finishing under 2 hours was unachievable due to my injuries.

Abu Dhabi

Man it was hot. That’s all I remember. It was hot. Oh, and I totally got my pacing wrong and nearly died with about 6km to go. What a laugh that was. Did I mention it was hot? Man that last 6k was hot, with no shade.

Anyway, despite, the heat, the lack of shade, the inadequate training and totally blowing my beads from a timing point of view, I surprised myself to come in at 2 hours 2 mins. My GPS watch reckoned the course was 300m short, but who trusts those things anyway?


Majestically crossing the finishing line in Abu Dhabi

Majestically crossing the finishing line in Abu Dhabi
(The yellow ladies behind me are finishing the 10k. Honest!)



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